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7-31-2018 4:39:19 PM

“I prayed to God and I got what I asked for!”  These precious and excited words skipped joyfully out of Miss J’s mouth as she shared with all of us her BIG news!

I know you want to know the BIG news, and well, I will tell you soon enough.  But, you know, there is always a back story with me!

I remember the day Miss J visited Heart of Hope for the first time.  She was referred to us by someone who attended our annual banquet this past February.  Miss J was tearful, despondent, and wasn’t sure what a “faith-based” maternity home really was.  One thing she was sure of, she was 17, pregnant, homeless, and hopeless about the future. 

Miss J agreed to our faith program, even though she had no desire to know God.  That was okay with us.  We were just super excited that we had a chance to be an example of what it means to have a relationship with a Holy and loving God!  In the last three months, Miss J has attended church weekly with our house family and participates in family devotion time.  Miss J is also surrounded by people who encourage her, love her, and bless her with words with filled hope and God-promises.  Because we are a house of prayer, Miss J is used to us asking what her concerns are so we can pray with her. 

Now, we are back where we started.  Miss J has been working very hard in our classroom preparing to take the HiSet (High School Equivalent Test) so she can have a diploma before she has her baby in August.  She has passed all subjects but math, which she will take on the 20th.  Miss J’s dream job is to be a beautician – hair and make-up.  She knew that she must complete her education in order to be a cosmetology student.  Last week, our Social Worker, Debbie, scheduled a tour for Miss J to visit Pat Goins Cosmetology School.  It was a wonderful tour and ended with Miss J meeting the owner.  Our precious resident walked away from that encounter with a FULL SCHOLARSHIP!!  What you say!

I prayed to God and I got what I asked for!”  

It is moments like this one that we get to sit back, smile and say, “God, YOU rock!!”

The support of our friends has given Miss J a home where she can meet God, be prepared to be a good mom to her child, continue her education, and experience authentic Christianity.  Her life is changed!

Beautiful blessings,

Jodi Burns

Executive Director